Patient Testimonials

Many people use the Rophi cushion to relieve themselves of back pain. Below is a selection of testimonials and reviews of the Rophi cushion from satisfied customers.


"Thank you for making me aware of the Rophi posture cushion, which you kindly recommended to me as a complimentary aid for my painful lower-back condition. I have been using the Rophi , as directed, for nearly six weeks now and already I am pleased to tell you that I am feeling much less discomfort than before I started using the Rophi. This is particularly evident at night time, as I find I am not awakened on every turn during the night. As a result, I feel fresher in the mornings and although my condition may be with me for life, I am grateful to you for providing me with a means to alleviate a lot of my suffering. Hopefully continued use of this innovative product will allow me even greater comfort in the weeks ahead. Once again, thank you for introducing me to the Rophi posture cushion. " -
Tom Paine


"I have tried all makes of pressure relieving items and I definitely find your cushions the best. Others have been too bulky, too hot, some shed their sheepskin or come off during the night." -
Gerry Friel


"I am writing to say how pleased I am with your product, the Rophi cushion for back pain. I have suffered for over 3 months with sciatica and found no relief with tablets. My son got me your product and after using it for only four or five nights, I have at last found relief. I will continue to use this and maybe sometime I will try another of your products. I will certainly recommend others to try this." -
Miranda Maby


"I only spent three hours in bed last night wearing the Rophi cushion (I fell asleep on the chair until 6 a.m. after a weekly shop). However, the difference it made was remarkable. Instead of the usual three or so hours waiting to fall asleep because of the pain in my knee, I was off to sleep almost immediately wearing the Rophi cushion." -
Mrs E Nicholson


"From the first night I used the Rophi cushion I have slept more comfortably. I felt a release of the pressure at the base of my spine and relief from the pain. Also it is very easy to use." -
Mrs R C Thomas


"I would like to thank Orthodocs for the 'cushion in a stocking'. I got my first comfortable nights sleep for a long time. In the past I was using an ordinary cushion tied on with a bandage, it sweated my legs and slipped which I moved, but with the Orthodocs cushion that just doesn't happen, it is very comfortable. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have muscle spasms when my legs jerk and my knees bang together, very painful, with the pressure cushion in place with the stretch stocking I no longer worry about the spasms because it really does take the pressure. I would recommend it to anyone." -
Elisabeth Lowry


"I have osteoporosis and since having a Rophi cushion, nights have been restful - before I was chasing a pillow whenever I turned over! My Rophi cushion is a friend which goes with me, and is now a world traveller!" -
William Courtney


"I would recommend using a Rophi cushion for post stroke patients, as it can give relief from the heavy-leg. I wish I knew about Rophi when caring for a relative. Instead I made a small cushion and covers, but had no stocking to hold it in place. I have been suffering severe pain since the beginning of January 2004 and after 8 weeks of physio and no release from the pain it was recommended that I have an MRI scan. The results showed several bulging discs and also a tear of a disc in my lower spine. My mother-in-law gave me the Rophi cushion and within a week the pain began to subside. I have been using it ever since and miraculously am able to get a full nights sleep again at long last. I had an appointment with my Orthopaedic surgeon yesterday and thankfully surgery is the last resort. I have had so much improvement that I actually ordered two more cushions for friends and they also have had great pain relief since using the product." -
Mrs B Haslemere


"I suffer from degenerative spinal disease with right-sided sciatica and have been told it is inoperable. I have been through all the stages of treatment and am now under the care of the Pain Management Clinic, having various spinal injections for pain relief. I was happy to try the Rophi cushion in the hope of a good nights sleep. At first I found it a bit odd to get it comfy on my 'good' leg, but before long I was used to the feel of it and managed to get three hours sleep (which is the norm for me). It was nice to get up and go to the bathroom without having to re-apply the cushion on my return to bed, because it did not move at all. It seemed to re-align my hips and ease my lower back. My sleep pattern has not improved at all, as yet, but it is nice to have the comfort of the cushion. It washes well and I'm glad I got the chance to use one. Thank you." -
Christine Earl


"I found the cushion to be very comfortable and easy to wear. After five to six days I started to notice that my sleeping pattern was getting better in that I mean that from only getting two to three hours constant sleep it was improving by a small amount which to me was a great relief. I continued to use the cushion and over all I found it to be of benefit to me, over the eight-week period. I still use the cushion but not every night and I find it does help." -
Mr B Evans


"I have had back pain , as I was a dressmaker and sat behind my sewing machine all my life. Last year I had a hip fracture which made my pain even worse. My English is not very good but the pictures on the description were enough for me to understand the product. I got it out and was delighted - I had no back pain in the morning anymore. Personally, I think it is a fantastic product, I just love it and never wants to sleep without the Rophi cushion anymore." -
Trude Labek from Salzburg, Austria


"During my pregnancy I suffered from lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain. A friend recommended a Rophi cushion and I used one every night for a week. I felt a definite improvement in my lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain. I am happy to recommend the Rophi cushion for those in the latter stages of their pregnancy." -
Mrs Emma Stacey, Rossendale


"I suffered a slipped disc last year and underwent treatment. It improved but, a few months ago I started having really bad back pain again. I was on lots of painkillers that did not help me as much this time. I have used the Rophi cushion for just two nights and without using any painkillers during this time, I am pain free." -
Lady from Bristol


“Unfortunately for me, too many years as a mechanic and subsequently a builder has lead to increasing levels of back pain, which I have simply 'managed' with pain killers. However, at the beginning of 2012 the pain stepped up a couple of levels and I found it impossible to work without taking very strong pain killers. I did this for a while until I was lucky enough to be given a Rophi cushion. I have been using it every night for the last month and I already do not need pain killers any more. The thought crossed my mind that it could just be coincidence or maybe I did not need the Rophi cushion any more. So I tried a night without it and, by midnight, I had to put the cushion back on due to the level of pain in my back." -
William Lloyd, Johnston, Dyfed


"I have been suffering from degeneration of the lumbar spine for some time and have tried other cushions in the past without success, as they would not hold in place when I turned over in bed. The only way I have been able to sleep was to take 30/500 co-codamol every night. This enabled me to sleep for short periods of time but I always awoke with terrible pain in my lower back. The Rophi cushion I was given by a friend, has enabled me to dispense with pain killers, yet still sleep. I now wake up in the morning feeling much more comfortable. The cushion design is revolutionary and the only reservation I have is the stocking size. I don't have particularly thin legs but the stocking was slightly loose and I feel that, for someone with thinner legs would find it rather loose. I have a casual job which entails me standing for several hours. The only way I was able to cope in the past was to have a heated pad on the lumbar region of my spine and taking regular co-codamol. I am delighted to say that I worked last Saturday, (I was on my feet for nearly seven hours). That was the first time for some considerable time that I have been able to dispense with the heated pads and the pain killers and not end the day with crippling back ache. I have no hesitation in recommending the Rophi cushion to anyone. I have already done so to my daughter and several of my friends and will continue to do so.


"One month on I'm delighted to say that I am still using my Rophi cushion every night and have pain-free sleep, without having to take any more pain killers. I can also garden for much longer periods than I have been able to for some considerable time. This is a wonderful help to my husband, Peter who is not able to do the mmore heavy gardening any more." -
Mrs Maureen Gobbett, Gloucester


"As a fitness instructor I was suffering with lower back pain at the end of the day, which kept me awake at night when I turned. I was given a Rophi cushion to use and, whilst I was dubious that a simple cushion would help, I was amazed at how better I slept. It really worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering back pain." -
JH, Rawtenstall


"I run my own Garden Centre and, over the last few years, have exacerbated a previous spinal injury and developed a constant, neuropathic pain from the base of my spine down my legs. My GP has prescribed a cornucopia of pharmaceutical drugs in an attempt to alleviate this pain, none with any great measure of success, though providing much needed temporary relief.


"Sleepless nights and painful joints became very much the norm for me and my business began to suffer as a result. I have tried a normal pillow between my knees, as advised by a physiotherapist, but this proved bulky and compacted, causing perspiration and itching. It also never stayed in place, so I was constantly readjusting its position. The outcome was generally another sleepless night of pain. I was given a Rophi cushion to try and was immediately taken to it. It was easy to put on and stayed in place. Bliss!


"Its simple yet effective design and its amazing comfort provided just what I needed. I now sleep right through the night, waking almost fully refreshed and in a much better frame of mind to cope with the day ahead. The cushion has restored natural sleep patterns, allowing my back to slowly regain strength to an extent where I am almost pain free on daily basis! What is even more amazing is the fact that I have not had to take any pain killers for well over a month. I know this may sound corny but the Rophi cushion has practically given me back my life and I now enjoy going to work refreshed, stronger and with a smile on my face. Thank you." -
Sion Dove, St Davids